Carla Bryant, Director, Education Strategy & Ventures

Carla Bryant, Kenneth Rainin Foundation
Carla began leading the Foundation’s education investments in September 2017. Her work focuses on increasing the number of Oakland children who are ready for kindergarten and reading at grade level by third grade. She directs funding initiatives to help teachers use effective teaching practices, support families with young children, and build early learning leadership and systems in Oakland.

Carla’s career reflects a deep commitment to supporting the success of young children. She has over thirty years of experience creating culturally competent policies, programs, and procedures for comprehensive early learning programs, as well as preschool to third grade, elementary, family support and after school programs. Her career includes serving as Chief of the Early Education Department for San Francisco Unified School District from 2010 to 2016. In this role, she oversaw 12 early education schools with pre-kindergarten through transitional kindergarten students. She also supported 74 elementary schools in aligning curriculum and instruction from pre-kindergarten to third grade. Prior to her work in San Francisco, Carla was a strategic advisor for the City of Seattle, where she co-created the Seattle Early Education Collaborative. This community-based early learning system combines federal, state, local and private funded programs into one system. This collaborative continues to be an integral part of the Seattle Public Schools preschool to third-grade model. As a result of this work, Seattle was highlighted by the National League of Cities as one of four cities with progressive plans to align early learning and K-12 education systems.

Carla has a MEd in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University. She will complete a PhD in Special Education at the University of Washington in spring 2018.

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