Fall 2013

A.C.T. Do It Live Productions --"The Golden Dragon" photo credit: Jonathan J. Carpenter

Do It Live Productions –“The Golden Dragon” at A.C.T.’s The Costume Shop
photo credit: Jonathan J. Carpenter

  • African and African American Performing Arts Coalition ($16,000) for the Black Choreographers Festival, presenting new works of Bay Area artists for the festival’s 10 year Anniversary.
  • American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) ($20,000) for Community Space-Sharing Initiative at The Costume Shop, to provide free rehearsal and performance space to a diverse set of local performance groups.
  • Black Rock Arts Foundation ($15,000) for Opus on Market Street, a performance collaboration with musician Mauro Ffortisimo to unveil Caruso’s Dream, a site specific permanent artwork by Brian Goggin & Dorka Keehn.
  • Central Market NOW ($20,000) which offers free arts programming to the public, including outdoor and site specific performances in plazas, open houses, first Thursdays events and more.
  • Dancers’ Group ($10,000) for Marketing Bay Area Dance, a pilot marketing campaign to stimulate interest and increase the visibility of a wide range of dance artists and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Deborah Slater Dance Theater ($20,000) for Private Life, a multimedia performance of intimate stories of departure, return and the effects of war.
  • Djerassi Resident Artists Program ($20,000) to support 30-day Residencies for Four Bay Area Dance, Theater and Film Artists in 2014 at the Djerassi Program.
  • Kegan Marling ($5,000) for Jump Ship Mid Way, an evening length work about growing up during the AIDS crisis and looking for role models among a dying generation.
  • La Peña Cultural Center ($10,000) for Amnesia, a new interdisciplinary play by playwright/performer Ariel Luckey, investigating America’s forgotten immigrant roots and the role of race at the border.
  • Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater (NAKA) ($15,000) for The Anastasio Project, a multidisciplinary, roving public performance work that kickstarts an investigation of race relations, state brutality, and border violence.
  • New Conservatory Theatre Center ($20,000) for the New Play Development Lab & Emerging Artists Program to foster artistic creativity and create opportunities for emerging artists.
  • San Francisco Dance Film Festival ($20,000) for Co-Laboratory/2014 which forces a unique collaboration among disciplines to create three short dance films in a compressed time frame.
  • Shotgun Players ($20,000) for the 2015 Women’s Playwrights Season where they will produce six plays by women playwrights, drawing attention to the issue of gender inequality in American theater.
  • Tableau Stations ($10,000) for ANICONIC — a quiet landscape, an interdisciplinary performance project which reflects on the precarious company of images as a personal, religious, and daily landscape.
  • The Crucible ($20,000) for the 2014 Fire Arts Festival which will harness the power of multidisciplinary fire arts to inspire and delight attendees in West Oakland.

Spring 2013

Jo Kreiter's Flyaway Productions - photo credit: Rapt Productions

Flyaway Productions — “Live Billboard Project”
photo credit: Rapt Productions

  • 509 Cultural Center ($5,000) for 13-14 Performing Arts Presentations: 50 experimental music concerts and two year-round series of monthly performing arts events.
  • American Dance Abroad ($20,000) for American Dance Recon/SF, a symposium highlighting Bay Area dance artists/companies for 10-12 international programmers in the fall of 2013.
  • Amy Seiwert’s Imagery ($20,000) for SKETCH 3: Expectations, commissioning choreographic innovators Seiwert, Marc Brew and Val Caniparoli to create new contemporary ballet works on the theme of challenging expectations.
  • EXIT Theatre ($20,000) for DIVAfest, a theater and arts festival of women artists, including three premieres and other showcases, and to help establish DIVAfest as an independent, women directed organization.
  • Flyaway Productions ($20,000) for Give a Woman a Lift, an evening length dance that explores the meanings inherent in the idea of going up, especially as seen through a feminist lens.
  • foolsFURY ($20,000) for Factory Parts, a new performance and development program which will foster innovative theater works by 8-10 ensembles from the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Fresh Meat Productions ($20,000) for The Missing Generation and the Source of Joy, investigating the impact of the loss of much of a generation of LGBT people to AIDS during the 1980s.
  • Margaret Jenkins Dance ($10,000) for the 40th Anniversary Season, with new works, Times Bones (Alexander V. Nichols, set design) and The Gate of Winds (in collaboration with Kolben Dance Company of Jerusalem).
  • Playwrights Foundation ($20,000) for Resident Playwrights Initiative and Production Fund, to support integral creative and career development activities and a fund for resident playwrights.
  • Project Bandaloop ($20,000) for Harboring, multi-dimensional dance responding to Ft. Mason, past and present, employing vertical, floor-based and aerial site-reactive dance to draw in the viewer.
  • Theatre Bay Area ($15,000) for Theatre Bay Area Awards Program, a new theater awards system that will acknowledge artistic excellence for theater artists and theater groups throughout the Bay Area.
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts ($20,000) for YBCAway, a new commissioning program that presents and supports the experimental work of 20 performing artists in small, untraditional, and site-specific locations.
  • Youth Speaks ($20,000) for Living Word Project’s Chasing Mehserle, the commissioning, development and presentation of a new work by emerging playwright Chinaka Hodge, directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph.
  • Zaccho Dance Theatre ($10,000) for Between me and the other World, an evening-length dance featuring video artist David Szlasa, expressing feelings described in W.E.B. DuBois’ seminal treatise, The Souls of Black Folk (1903).