Fall 2014

Ragged Wing Ensemble's 'Fierce Play' / photo credit: Aidan Fraser

Ragged Wing Ensemble’s ‘Fierce Play’ / photo credit: Aidan Fraser

  • AlterTheater ($10,000) for Landless Tribe by Larissa FastHorse, a commission exploring issues of identity, community and family, and the changing face of homelessness.
  • American Conservatory Theatre ($20,000) for Community Space Sharing Initiative, providing professional development, hands-on support, and performance space in The Costume Shop to local arts and community organizations.
  • Circo Zero ($18,000) for Sara (the smuggler), a dance with talking about history, legacy, and magic, choreographed by Keith Hennessy and featuring Sara Shelton Mann.
  • devorah major ($9,750) for Black Classic, a poetic theatre play documenting the lives and legacies of key 19th Century African Americans living in San Francisco who helped to shape the city and the nation.
  • Embodiment Project ($12,000) for Seed Language, a collage of dance, poetry, song, and documentary theater, bringing together voices of young women and men in dialogue about gender, race, linguistics, and Hip Hop Feminism.
  • Encore Theatre ($20,000) for Hookman, a world premiere “quasi ‘horror’/comedy” by playwright Lauren Yee.
  • foolsFURY Theater ($20,000) for The Unheard of World, a world premiere play by French Playwright Fabrice Melquiot, and translated and directed by foolsFURY member Michelle Haner.
  • Just Theater ($15,000) for We are Proud to Present…, Jackie Sibblies Drury’s awarding winning play about race, power, narrative, collaboration and the creative spirit. 
  • Katharine Hawthorne ($8,500) for Mainframe, a dance exploring how computers have changed the way we see our bodies, drawing inspiration from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.
  • Killing My Lobster ($20,000) for Killing My Lobster Monthly Performance Series, a live sketch comedy series to take place once per month in 2015.
  • Kitka ($20,000) for Iron Shoes, neo-feminist futuristic folk opera directed and choreographed by Erika Chong Shuch with original music by Janet Kutulas and production design by Allen Willner.
  • NOW FOR NOW ($15,000) for NOW FOR NOW, a new multimedia physical theater piece, created and performed by Mark Jackson and Megan Trout.
  • Mixed Bag Productions ($20,000) for Erasing Time, based on the extraordinary 45-year career of artistic director Sara Shelton Mann.
  • Ragged Wing Ensemble ($15,000) for Homing, a multidisciplinary blend of theater, installation, and visual art events that address what it means to find, make, and celebrate home.
  • Scott Wells & Dancers ($12,000) for Touchy Subjects, a performance co-directed by Wells and Keith Hennessy that examines hetero- and homonormativity through the intimacy and dynamism of human contact.
  • Southern Exposure ($15,000) for SoEx Sessions, to commission and present a series of new experimental performance projects by five artists, allowing them to realize ambitious and experimental works.

Spring 2014

Liss Fain dance - Home Season 2013 photo credit: RJ Muna

Liss Fain Dance – Home Season 2013
photo credit: RJ Muna

  • Berkeley Repertory Theatre ($20,000) for The Ground Floor, a new play development program serving 70-100 artists that provides customized support in the form of commissions, workshops, and more.
  • FACT/SF ($10,000) for JuMP (Just Make a Piece), an annual commissioning and mentorship program in its inaugural year of 2014 which will produce two original contemporary dance works.
  • Flyaway Productions ($20,000) for Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane, a site-specific aerial dance on the south wall of Hastings Law School, created as a narrative portrait of the older women who live on the street, whose presence is both relatively new and strangely invisible.
  • Headlands Center for the Arts ($15,000) for 2014 Bay Area Performance Artists: Residencies & Audience Engagement, supporting three Bay Area-based artists working in dance, performance, and theater.
  • Jess Curtis/Gravity Inc. ($15,000) for The Dance that Documents Itself, examining the creative, personal, and socioeconomic effects of combining digital and embodied experience in the postmodern age.
  • La ALTERNATIVA ($20,000) for the FRESH Festival, featuring many of the Bay Area’s finest experimental dance and performance makers, masters, movers and shakers.
  • Liss Fain Dance ($20,000) for Three by Four, an immersive performance installation created by Liss Fain in collaboration with guest choreographers, Amy Seiwert and Christian Burns, and designer Matthew Antaky.
  • Mugwumpin ($15,000) for Blockbuster Season, an original devised theater piece that critiques how Hollywood regurgitates an alarmist view of disaster, undermining civil society.
  • OX ($10,000) for 24-Hour play collaboration, a drag performance training and rehearsal technique addressing themes of privilege, whiteness, and Americanness.
  • Playground Inc. ($20,000) for 20×20 Initiative, Phase Once, including four bold commissions and one co-production toward its goal of 20 commissions and 20 premieres by 20 alumni for the company’s twentieth anniversary.
  • Post: Ballet ($10,000) for Five High, Post: Ballet’s 5th annual program, a mixed repertory program that premieres ‘ourevolution’ and ‘Mine is Yours.’
  • The MilkBar ($10,000) for Summer, Winter, Spring Playwrights, is a live film and performance in three movements which explores the radically varying physical rhythms and seasons of the Mid-Market street corridor.
  • Theatre Bay Area ($10,000) for Bay Area Theatre Awards, a robust and credible theatre awards system for the Bay Area’s personal, religious, and daily landscape.
  • Z Space Studio ($20,000) for The Totalitarians,  a dark comedy that examines the state of current political discourse and “how easy it is to believe truths without facts.”
  • Zaccho SF ($15,000) for San Francisco Aerial Dance Festival, a combination of exceptional aerial dance artists, students and audiences for a dynamic week of performances, workshops and discussions.