“Picture Powderhorn” by Joanna Haigood/Zaccho Dance Theatre.

AIR-SF and People’s Kitchen Collective ($85,000) for a meal in the streets of West Oakland that centers on the shared struggle, resilience, and healing remedies of people of color. This five hundred person public art project is the final culminating event in a series of community events called Remedies: From the Farm, To the Kitchen, To the Table, To the Streets.

The Exploratorium and Rosten Woo ($115,000) for Mutual Air Society consisting of 30 networked sculptures that create an infrastructure of sensing and sonification. Oakland residents will become stewards to individual bells that work together to give presence to the air and climate, creating a shared soundscape across Oakland. Over six months it will create a data-set that can be used by climate scientists and public health researchers.

Zaccho Dance Theatre and Joanna Haigood, Mary Ellen Strom and Walter Kitundu ($200,000) for Picture Bayview a large-scale multimedia community art project. This interdisciplinary site-specific work focuses on the dreams and aspirations of residents of Bayview-Hunter’s Point in San Francisco, as the neighborhood enters a period of economic and demographic transformation.