Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks’ Teen Poetry Slam Grand Slam Finals. Photo courtesy of Youth Speaks.

The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, Raina Ho, Thy Tran and Bryan Wu ($133,000) for TRANSITION24, a story-sharing project using San Francisco’s 24 MUNI bus line to engage communities along its route in an exploration of survival, access, migration and community resilience. The project will feature a series of multi-media exhibits showcasing oral histories, photography and public archives, and will incorporate MUNI infrastructure as public installation sites.

Jo Kreiter’s Flyaway ProductionsVân-Ánh Võ and Sean Riley ($133,000) for TENDER (n) a person who takes charge, a multi-faceted performance celebrating 100 years of outcast activism in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The event will focus on the culture of liberation among young, working women in the early 20th century; 1960s transgender activism; the stories of Vietnamese immigrants, and of the longstanding single room occupancy Cadillac Hotel.

Galería de la Raza, curator Alexandra “Lexx” Valdez and artist-in-residence Jessica Sabogal ($134,000) for ARTruck Residencies, a series of screen and digital printmaking residencies to explore displacement and the housing crisis affecting San Francisco’s Mission District. Housed in a mobile unit, the residences will travel along the 16th Street corridor between Mission and Bryant streets.

Youth SpeaksJames Kass and Sean San Jose ($100,000) for We So Bay, a mixed media project that will engage young people in six San Francisco and Oakland communities to tell stories about their neighborhoods. Audiences will travel by BART to experience these stories through live performance, audio and print.