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Celebrating Creative Expression

We love a good party, and especially one that includes our grantees. That’s why each year we bring our arts grantees together to raise a glass to their visionary work.

Our annual arts reception is a gesture that’s rooted in a deep appreciation for our arts community. These dance and theater artists and arts administrators are so committed to using their work to reach and inspire others. We know their creative endeavors aren’t without challenges and we value their dedication.

This reception is our way of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our arts community while creating an opportunity for us all to connect and build relationships. It also offers Foundation employees—from operations to communications—a fun way to meet our arts partners.

Thank you, artists and administrators, for creating a vibrant arts culture in the Bay Area and giving us so much to celebrate.


Top photo and slideshow: The Rainin Foundation’s annual arts reception in September at The Chapel in San Francisco. Photo credit: Pamela Palma

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