Michel Bagnat, PhD, Duke University ($100,000) for Epigenetic Control of Intestinal Inflammation.

Gregory Barton, PhD, University of California, Berkeley ($100,000) for Is Restricted Expression of TLR5 in the Small Intestine Necessary to Limit Responses to Commensal Bacteria?

Marco Colonna, MD, Washington University ($100,000) for Novel Adhesive Interactions Modulate T cell Responses in IBD.

Mohamed Abou Donia, PhD, Princeton University ($200,000) for The Role Of Microbiota-Derived Small Molecules in the Etiology of Crohn’s Disease.

Gerard Eberl, PhD, Institut Pasteur ($100,000) for From Newborn Immunity to Adult IBD.

Katherine Fitzgerald, PhD, University of Massachusetts ($100,000) for The Role of Long Non-Coding RNA, lincRNA-Eps in Controlling Gut Inflammation.

Iliyan Iliev, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College ($100,000) for The Role of Mycobiota During Immunomodulatory Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Kate Jeffrey, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute ($100,000) for Exploring the Interaction of the IBD Virome With Innate Immune Sensors, RIG-I And MDA-5.

Jeffrey Karp, PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital ($50,000) for Dysbiotic Intervention: Harnessing Intrinsic Human Defenses via the Paneth Cell Secretome to Engineer the Microbiome.

Dan Littman, MD, PhD, New York University ($100,000) for Use of Massively Parallel Single Cell Transcriptomics to Define Microbial-Regulated Host Circuits That Influence Colonic Inflammation.

Timothy Lu, MD, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($100,000) for Engineering Probiotic Organisms to Sense, Diagnose, and Treat Inflammation.

Richard Maizels, PhD, University of Glasgow ($200,000) for Induction of Therapeutic Regulatory T Cells by Parasite Products.

Daniel Mucida, PhD, The Rockefeller University ($100,000) for Sensing Luminal Contents by the Enteric Nervous System: Consequences for Gut Immunity.

Gabriel Rabinovich, PhD, and Karina V. Mariño, PhD, Fundacion Instituto de Biologia y Medicina Experimental ($100,000) for Capitalizing on Galectin-1-Glycan Interactions for the Design of Novel Therapeutic Strategies in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

David Suskind, MD, Seattle Children’s Hospital ($200,000) for Prospective Double-Blind Diet Controlled Trial of Low Carbohydrate Diets in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease.

Kevin Whelan, PhD, King’s College London ($200,000) for The Impact of Fermentable Carbohydrate Restriction (Low FODMAP Diet) on Functional Gut Symptoms, Gut Microbiota and Immunology in Patients With Crohn’s Disease.