Program Description

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s Synergy Award is designed to encourage collaboration among health researchers from across disciplines to advance the study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).  It funds groundbreaking or unconventional methodologies, whose risky outlook is justified by the possibility of a major breakthrough.

Basic Science: If your research proposal is rooted in basic science, we encourage you to collaborate with investigators who can further the potential for translation of your ideas and findings.

Translational Science: If your research proposal is translational by nature, we encourage you to identify industry and clinical partners to assist in propelling your research toward clinical study.

Have questions about the Synergy Award including eligibility, research scope or the grant process? Contact Laura Wilson, PhD, Director, Health Strategy & Ventures.

Clinical Science: If you are looking to submit a clinical research proposal, we encourage you to collaborate with individuals who could facilitate potential clinical implementation.

Learn more about eligibility, budget guidelines and how to apply.