Albert E. Jergens, DVM, PhD, Iowa State University ($100,000) for Inheritance of inflamed microbiota confers increased susceptibility to colitis.

Sean Fielding Brady, PhD, Rockefeller University ($100,000) for Investigating the Role of Gut Microbiota Secondary Metabolism in IBD – a Path to Novel IBD Therapeutics.

James D. Lord, MD, PhD, Benaroya Research Institute ($100,000) for Identifying and Characterizing T Cell Immunity to Specific Intestinal Bacterial Antigens in Crohn’s Disease Through MHC-II Tetramer.

Jeffrey C. Rathmell, PhD, Duke University Medical Center ($100,000) for Metabolic Control of T Cell Subsets and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase as a Target in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Alexander V.Chervonsky, MD, PhD, The University of Chicago ($100,000) for Epithelial Fucosylation, Microbiota and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

José Henrique Veiga Fernandes, DVM, PhD, Instituto de Medicina Molecular ($100,000) for Control of Innate Lymphoid Cells and Intestinal Homeostasis by Neurotrophic Factors.

Bing Xu, PhD, Brandeis University ($100,000) for Nanofibers of Self-Assembled De Novo Glycoconjugates for Mucosal Lining Restoration and Anti-Inflammatory Drug Delivery.