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Honoring Today’s Arts Visionaries

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation hosted a reception to celebrate and honor our arts grantees. These visionary artists and arts organizations are vital contributors to our communities. They are pushing the boundaries of creative expression, telling diverse stories, and reflecting on issues relevant to our communities. It’s clear that in today’s divisive political climate, their roles as activists, community builders and truth-tellers is essential.

This past year has provided many of us with opportunities to reflect and speak up. The Rainin Foundation has not been silent about the hatred, intimidation, racism, and violence happening in our country. We strive to build a more equitable world for all our grantees and those they serve. We remain committed to supporting artists and arts organizations to realize their visions.

Thank you, grantees, for bridging divides and sharing a better view of the future. It’s clear our communities need you more than ever before.

Arts Reception Photo Highlights

Celebrating arts grantees at our annual reception in September 2017. Photo credit: Pamela Palma

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