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Our Love Letter to Oakland Families

Step into the daily life of Oakland parents and caregivers as they talk, read and sing to significantly improve their babies’ abilities to build vocabulary and boost their brain development. View the Spanish version of this video.


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the people you love. In honor of the holiday, we wrote a love letter to all Oakland families, particularly the ones featured in our video, who are boosting their babies’ brain power every day by talking, reading and singing.

Help us share the love by sending this letter and video to a dedicated Oakland parent, caregiver or teacher.hearts_1000

Dear Oakland Families,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Our hearts fill with hope when we see you talking, reading and singing to your children. When you sing to your baby, you are teaching her words and helping her brain grow. When you talk to your child, you are building his vocabulary so he can be successful in school. When you read to your toddler, you are providing her with essential skills and a brighter future.

Together, parents in Oakland are the most important people shaping the Oakland of tomorrow. Being a parent isn’t always easy. You have our respect every day as you solve big problems and take care of the little things. We honor your dreams for your child and we believe in how capable your child is. You know how smart she is, and we think so too!

We love that you are building your child’s future. We want you to know that we appreciate all that you do to give your baby the best start in life—even when you thought nobody noticed. Thank you.

With all our love,
The Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Spanish-Language Version

We are incredibly lucky to work with Oakland’s dedicated families and caregivers and a team of partners who are helping to get children ready for kindergarten. An enormous thank you to our partners at Room to Bloom, Daughters without Dads, Oakland Public Library, and all of the committed families, teachers and caregivers in Oakland who made the video possible.

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