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Ready for Kindergarten on Day One

Some of you may be a little sad that the long, lazy days of summer are drawing to a close. Well, here’s news to get you excited about the new school year—more students from our SEEDS of Learning classrooms are ready for kindergarten. These young learners will arrive on day one with the social, emotional, language and literacy skills they need to succeed.

It was an honor to partner with the Oakland transitional kindergarten teachers and tutors who helped children build these skills last year. The chart below shows the tremendous growth that happened across all of our SEEDS classrooms. This is monumental progress.

   Oakland Children Flourish in SEEDS Classrooms

We celebrated these achievements with our teachers in May. Their commitment and hard work are reflected in this data. Year after year, it’s clear that SEEDS teachers are helping students develop the “Big 5” early literacy skills that are predictive of school readiness.

Want to learn more about how we accomplished these results? Read our story “RISE Community School is Reaching New Heights…and the Kids Win!” It shares how a team of teachers got 100% of transitional kindergarten students on target for later reading success. The school also saw a huge boost in the number of kindergarteners and first graders who are meeting benchmarks.

Garfield Elementary: A Teacher’s Perspective

Teacher Pam Mullen reviews her student data with SEEDS of Learning coach Lisa Holt. Photo credit: Stephanie Secrest

By Pam Mullen, Garfield Elementary
As a teacher, I’ve seen the difference in our babies who are ready for kindergarten. They have the skills they need and are full of confidence because their social and emotional needs have been nurtured by their teacher. I recall a little girl just like that. What stood out is that she was so confident that even when she made a mistake, it did not deter her from continuing to try and learn…such persistence, I loved it!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Starts at Birth

We’d also like to give a big shout out to our community partners: Reading Partners, Springboard Collaborative, Tandem, Literacy Lab, Lotus Bloom and Oakland Public Library, as well as our faith based leaders. These committed organizations and people provide quality literacy experiences and resources for children all year round. Plus, they support the parents and caregivers who love and care for them every day.

Welcome back, partners! Children are starting stronger and well on their way to being successful readers, and joyful learners. We are confident that working together, we’ll keep this momentum going!

Photo credit: Stephanie Secrest

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation is leading the funding and implementation of SEEDS of Learning in Oakland. This relationship-based professional development program provides educators, parents and caregivers with strategies to build social, emotional, language and literacy skills in young children, so they are ready to succeed in kindergarten. Learn more

Paula Ambrose

Paula Ambrose

Program Officer, Education

Paula manages the grantmaking for the Foundation’s early literacy initiatives. Read more.

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