Turning Points 2022

Year in Review

Message From Our CEO

Across the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, 2022 was a year of integration and getting to the heart of what matters most in our work. The pandemic’s overlapping hardships and the intensity of change over the past three years have compelled us to be more intentional and explicit about equity to improve how we work and show up for our communities.

We engaged the entire organization and sought stakeholder feedback in creating an equitable evaluation framework for learning. Our framework has three areas of inquiry: organizational excellence; our values of equity, interdependence and creativity; and the changes we want to see. It’s a roadmap for clarifying how we work in service of our mission and values. The Foundation continues to strengthen our outreach and processes and invite more community engagement in strategy design and decision-making to shift power and build mutually accountable relationships. As you read Turning Points, I hope you sense the impact of our work with grantees and community partners.

Jennifer Rainin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

“Each of us plays a role in building equity and a sense of belonging.”

Jennifer Rainin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Internally, the Foundation’s diversity, equity and inclusion journey continues to support meaningful connections and staff growth. To nurture an atmosphere of trust and belonging, Laverne Matías-González, formerly the Director of Employee Experience, was promoted to Chief of Organizational Effectiveness. His expanded focus is helping staff to bring their whole, most authentic selves to work every day.

As always, core to our work is listening to and learning from those who are closest to the problems we’re trying to solve—this is the key to honoring my father’s legacy. We know that staying open to new solutions and input from others will help us achieve improved outcomes and the equitable future we all desire and deserve.   

Thank for your partnership.

Jennifer Rainin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Thank you grantees and partners for your commitment.