The mission of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation is to enhance quality of life by championing the arts, promoting early childhood literacy, and supporting research to cure chronic disease. Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of all our programs. Our work is guided by our commitment to change through inquiry, creativity and compassion.


The Kenneth Rainin Foundation envisions a world where all Oakland children read on grade level, no one suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and the Bay Area arts community is robust and sustainable.


Through our grantmaking and operations, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation embraces the following values:

  • Collaboration: A strong belief that synergistic connections will strengthen the work of the Foundation and the impact we have on society.
  • Leveraging of all assets: A commitment to provide grantees and partners with resources, ideas and challenges so they may thrive.
  • Innovation: A desire to reward creative and risk-taking thinking and individuals.
  • Responsibility: A dedication to honesty and fairness in all dealings and a commitment to considering the social and environmental implications of our practices and those of our partners.

Inherent in our core values is a belief in compassion, respect, humor and joy.

2015 Turning Points

turning points border3We had some proud moments in our programs in 2015 and are delighted to share them with you. This year we have a new addition, a video where Jen Rainin, our CEO, shares her thoughts and reflections on this remarkable past year. We are delighted to share the progress we are making together and are excited about what will come next!