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Zaccho Dance Theatre's "Picture Bayview." Photo credit: Jamie DeWolf


The Rainin Foundation envisions a world where Bay Area artists thrive. Our work is rooted in the belief that we can achieve greater impact when we partner with others, share knowledge and leverage resources.

We believe that visionary artists push the boundaries of creative expression, tell diverse stories and reflect on contemporary issues relevant to ourselves and the world around us.

By seeding innovative ideas, investigating practices, examining new models of support and collaborating across sectors, we hope to remove barriers to unleash creativity. Our partnership with grantmaking intermediaries allows our funding to operate closer to the ground, as we share power and decision-making with trusted aligned partners in the community.

Arts Program Snapshot

Arts Grants

We fund artists working in dance, film, public space and theater, and encourage experimentation that boldly moves the field forward.

Audience members raising their hands to engage with an artist presentation at the Exploring Public Art Practices Symposium.

Arts Initiatives

We aim to support artists in ways that will sustain their creative practice in the Bay Area and serve our communities.

Three young Black female dancers performing on Lake Merritt in front of a band including a keyboardist, guitarist and drummer.

Arts Learnings

We invest in research to better understand the Bay Area arts landscape and what artists are facing.

Arts News & Stories

two children wearing red plastic fire helmets face a lime green flatbed truck and a large digital screen of someone talking. A third child holds a sippy cup while climbing on the truck's bed.
A Public Art Project Brings Oakland Neighbors Together, One Story At A Time [VIDEO]

08/24/2023 | Arts

Three neighbors who connected through “Commons Archive” reflect on the public art project and the neighborhood they call home.

Dancer waves long, wide ribbons of red, yellow and green sheer fabric in front of a large tree that is also wrapped in the same fabrics.. A group of drummers wearing blue and white are seated on the right, looking toward the drummer.
Symposium Reflections: Communal Healing Through Public Art [VIDEO]

08/01/2023 | Arts

We invited OMCA’s Rhonda Pagnozzi, who programmed the 2023 Exploring Public Art Practices Symposium, to share her thoughts and reflections.

Two dancers stand connected on a patch of dirt. Both wear black leather pants and mesh tops. Their black boots kick up dust as they move on the ground.
Apply For A Theater Or Dance Grant Using The New Common App 

07/19/2023 | Arts

Small and mid-size arts organizations can use the new Common App for the Arts to apply to our NEW Program from September 4-18, 2023