Who We Are - Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Who We Are

Kenneth Rainin Foundation staff and Board members are dedicated to carrying out its mission in the Arts, Education and Health.

Board of Directors


Headshot of Melody Alejandro

Melody Alejandro

Accounting Associate

Headshot of Viktoria Brown

Viktoria Brown

Investment Associate 

Headshot of Dana Cilono

Dana Cilono

Director, Education Strategy & Ventures

Headshot of Elaine Daniels

Elaine Daniels

Systems Administrator & Helpdesk Specialist

Headshot of Megan De Trane, a white woman with long, wavy brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing a light green blouse with a matching pendant necklace.

Megan De Trane

Digital Communications Specialist

Headshot of Ross DeMont

Ross DeMont

Chief Investment Officer

Headshot of Natalie Dunauskas

Natalie Dunauskas

Human Resources Generalist

Kenneth Rainin Foundation logo in grayscale

Jose Luis Flores

Director, Investments & Portfolio Operations

A light skinned middle-aged woman with short brown hair wearing a black blazer, black top, and silver earrings and necklace.

Amanda (Mandy) Flores-Witte

Director, Communications

Headshot of Teri Gardiner

Teri Gardiner

Communications Officer

Headshot of Lorena Gomez-Barris, a Latina woman with long, curly black hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing a green blouse and long necklace.

Lorena Gomez-Barris

Director, Administration

Headshot of Mari Hashimoto

Mari Hashimoto

Accounting Manager

Headshot of Jackie Hausman, a white woman with shoulder-length brown and gray curly hair. She’s wearing a blue shirt and smiling at the camera.

Jackie Hausman

Health Program Officer

Headshot of Tavin Jensen

Tavin Jensen

Investment Analyst

Headshot of Nicole Kendrick.

Nicole Kendrick

Education Program Officer

Headshot of Jovencia Diday Marchan

Jovencia (Diday) Marchan

Accounting Supervisor

Headshot of Laverne Matias-González

Laverne Matías-González

Chief of Organizational Effectiveness

Headshot of Richard McConnell

Richard McConnell

Director, Information Technology

Headshot of Miyesha Perry, a black woman with long, straight black hair. She's smiling at the camera, wearing a green blouse, black blazer and houndstooth framed glasses.

Miyesha Perry

Director, Grants Management

Headshot of Victoria Pozzato, a white woman with long, brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing a green and blue floral blouse under a dark green cardigan.

Victoria Pozzato

Investment Operations Analyst

Headshot of Jen Rainin, a white woman with wavy brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing a black blouse and a pendant necklace.

Jennifer Rainin, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Ted Russell, an African-American male with medium-toned brown skin and closely cropped salt and pepper gray hair and goatee. Appearing before a gray background, he’s wearing a blue-colored oxford shirt underneath a dark grey blazer.

Ted Russell

Director, Arts Strategy & Ventures

Headshot of Karina Ryan, a white woman with curly brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing Tortoiseshell glasses, a black blouse, a camel blazer and a pendant necklace.

Karina Ryan

Executive Assistant

Headshot of Serena Solórzano, a white woman with long, straight brown hair and blue eyes. She is wearing an emerald green long-sleeve top and a gold necklace.

Serena Solórzano

Program Assistant

Headshot of Shelley Trott, a white woman with long, wavy auburn hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing a burnt orange dress, hoop earrings and glasses.

Shelley Trott

Chief Program Officer

Headshot of Quynh Vu, an Asian woman with long, straight brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera, wearing an emerald green blouse with her favorite necklace.

Quynh Vu

Investment Accountant

Headshot of Lauren Webster.

Lauren Webster

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Headshot of Devon Williams, a white woman with medium length, straight brown hair. She’s smiling at the camera and wearing a V-neck black blouse.

Devon Williams

Executive Associate

Headshot of Sarah Williams.

Sarah Williams

Arts Program Officer

Headshot of Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

Director, Health Strategy & Ventures

Headshot of Jazmyne Woffard-Jones.

Jazmyne Woffard-Jones

Administrative Coordinator

Staff Demographics

We believe that the people who make up the Rainin Foundation should reflect the richly diverse communities we serve, and we continue to work toward that goal. As an evolving organization, we know our work benefits from the unique viewpoints of staff. We started benchmarking demographic data of our staff in 2021. Learn more about this process in our blog “Supporting A More Equitable Future Through Data.”

The demographic data below provide a snapshot of our staff members in 2021.

Gender Identity

A chart that shows 60% of the Rainin Foundation's senior leaders identify as female and 94% of staff identify as female. 0% of staff and senior leadership identify as transgender or non-binary.

Race / Ethnicity

A chart that shows the race and ethnicity of Rainin Foundation staff and leaders. For senior leaders, 13% identify as AAPI, 13% identify as Black, 27% identify as Hispanic and 47% identify as white. For staff, 18% identify as AAPI, 6% identify as Black, 6% identify as Hispanic, 53% identify as white and 18% identify as 2 or more races.

Sexual Orientation

A chart that shows 20% of senior leaders and 6% of staff at the Rainin Foundation identify as LGBTQ+.


A chart that shows age distribution of staff and senior leaders at the Rainin Foundation. For senior leaders, 33% are 40-49 years old, 47% are 50-59 years old and 20% are 60 years or older. For staff, 12% are 18-29 years old, 53% are 30-39 years old, 6% are 40-49 years old, 24% are 50-59 years old and 6% are 60 years and older.