The Rainin Arts Real Estate Strategy

The Rainin Arts Real Estate Strategy

A collaborative strategy connecting resources in the community to the real estate needs of arts and cultural organizations

Addressing the challenge

The arts drive vibrant and diverse communities and are critical to neighborhood health and well-being, yet artists and cultural organizations are increasingly vulnerable to instability and displacement.



Number of US jobs generated by cultural and creative industries, which in turn, are magnets for other businesses, revitalize neighborhoods, and encourage tourism.

I believe that creativity will be the currency of the 21st century.

Gerald Gordon, PhD
President / CEO
Fairfax County (VA) Economic Development Authority

More moreWhen artists and cultural organizations flee a region, they leave it lacking the very fabric and engine that attracts people, creative industries, and resources.

Diverse Assets = Security

There’s a new way to bring capital, assets, and security to the arts.

More moreFearing that San Francisco could lose essential arts and cultural spaces as rents kept escalating, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation founded the Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST) to secure affordable real estate. CAST's novel strategy offers below market leases and low interest funding that ensure arts and cultural organizations will have homes for decades to come.

A Revolutionary and Collaborative Approach

The Rainin Arts Real Estate Strategy is adaptable for any neighborhood where artists and cultural organizations are being edged out because of development, redevelopment, or inattentive planning. This innovative idea addresses financial equity issues by profoundly changing the dynamics.

See the Model

Renewable capital builds equity. See how it works.

What Cities Need Now

Healthy, thriving communities depend on artists and cultural organizations

The Participants

Collaboration is essential to success

The Impact

Changing the paradigm; long-term sustainability