Turning Points 2018

Year in Review

Message from our CEO

Last year, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation looked ahead to an important turning point as we neared completion of our first decade of formal grantmaking. Approaching this milestone gave us an opportunity to reflect on our past to inspire our future.

Since the beginning, my father’s values and entrepreneurial spirit have guided our work. He believed in listening and working with others to accelerate progress. Early on, he pioneered ergonomic improvements to the indispensable pipette. He drew on those same instincts to build a successful business and pursue other ventures. Above all, Kenneth Rainin relished the promise of innovation to enhance lives.

These and other defining characteristics—like collaboration and creativity—have shaped the Foundation’s work in the Arts, Education and Health. We embrace curiosity and listening to learn with and from the communities we serve. And, as we think about the past ten years, we reflect on how we work to reveal how we can make an even greater impact.

In our second decade, we’ll continue to pursue transformative moments that change lives by championing our grantees and working closely with our partners and funding peers. We know that for every challenge we see, there are people who are designing novel strategies to solve problems, building partnerships to advance change, and opening doors to creative alternatives and new possibilities.   

Jennifer Rainin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

I have the privilege of leading a foundation that is rooted in our Bay Area communities and inspired by my father’s expansive vision for enhancing lives. I am flooded with gratitude to be able to do this work, in this place, with people who are “dreamer-doers.” And I hope more funders and community partners will join us because we know that working together is more powerful than working alone.

As we celebrate this ten-year milestone, we look to the promise of meaningful change that is intrinsic to listening and innovation. After a decade of progress with you, we’re just getting started.

Jennifer Rainin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

“As we celebrate this ten-year milestone, we look to the promise of meaningful change that is intrinsic to listening and innovation.”

Jennifer Rainin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Thank you, grantees and partners, for an exceptional year!