Communications Guidelines for Discretionary Awards

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation has developed guidelines to support your organization in communicating about your discretionary award.

The Foundation provides a limited number of discretionary awards each year to diversify our grantmaking as well as enhance our responsiveness to community needs. Discretionary awards are by invitation only. If you wish to apply for a core program grant, view the Awards Calendar for each of our program areas: Arts, Education and Health.

When communicating about a discretionary award, please use the discretionary award logo and the following language to credit the Foundation:

  • “Funded by a Discretionary Award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.”

Acknowledging the Foundation

While your organization should be the focus of your communications, there may be instances where you would like to add a description of your funders. Please follow these guidelines when the Kenneth Rainin Foundation is included:

  • Materials should state: “Funded by a Discretionary Award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.”
  • To describe the Foundation further, please use the following language:
    Kenneth Rainin Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing quality of life by championing and sustaining the arts, promoting early childhood literacy and supporting research to cure chronic disease. Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of all its programs. Its vision is guided by the belief that change is possible through inquiry, creativity and compassion.
  • If your post is electronic, please link to our website,

Press Releases

If you plan to issue a press release that will mention the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, please contact our Communications team to ensure that the information about the Foundation and the grant program is accurate.

Downloading and Using Our Logo

Kenneth Rainin Foundation discretionary awardees should use our discretionary award logo in materials related to the grant-funded project. Download the usage guidelines and logo files.

Contact Us

Our Communications team is available to answer questions or help with requests related to grantee communications. Please contact Mandy Flores-Witte or Teri Gardiner at 510-625-5200 or