The Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s staff and board of directors conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards. The Foundation’s policies set forth the expected standards and the practices necessary to comply. While no set of policies can address every possible situation, the Foundation relies on the good judgment, integrity, and honesty of its staff and board of directors to ensure it addresses all situations in an ethical and legal fashion. Below are the Foundation’s policies and practices, which are followed by reports.

Year in Review Report

To get an overview of the Rainin Foundation’s activities, see our Year in Review.

Glasspockets Report

Glasspockets is a Foundation Center initiative that champions philanthropic transparency. Glasspockets provides the data, resources, examples, and action steps foundations need to understand the value of transparency, be more open in their own communications, and help shed more light on how private organizations are serving the public good. Look inside our glasspockets.

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