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Search current and former Kenneth Rainin Foundation grantees in the Arts, Education and Health to learn more about what we fund.

Grantee Giving Area Program Grant Year Project Title Amount  
Afro Urban Society with lead artists Nkeiruka Oruche, Muisi-Kongo Malonga, Levi Allen, and Reggie Edmonds/Rich Oak Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “One Thing About Us? We Move!” $76,000.00
Chapter 510 Ink with lead artists Elena Botkin-Levy and Vernon “Trey” Keeve III Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “Oakland Belonging: A Youth-Led Oral History of Swan’s Market” $58,500.00
Chinese Culture Foundation Of San Francisco with lead artist Christine Wong Yap Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “How I Keep Looking Up/Como Sigo Mirando Hacia Arriba/__” $76,000.00
CounterPulse with lead artist Mica Sigourney and collaborators Honey Mahogany, Glamamore, Joanna Haigood and Clement Hil Goldberg Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “The Show” $76,000.00
Dance Mission Theater and lead artist collective Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers (FLACC) Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “sii agua sí” $76,000.00
Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park with lead artists Walter Hood, Linda Yamane and Michael Moran Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “Indigenous Voices: De-Colonizing Peralta Hacienda” $76,000.00
NOW Hunters Point with lead artists Liz Ogbu and Kristin Damrow Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “An Intentional Shift” $58,500.00
Tableau Stations with lead artist Isak Immanuel Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “TERRAIN VAGUE” $16,000.00
Temescal Telegraph Avenue Community Association with lead artist Tion “Bukue One” Torrence Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “Temescal Illumination Project: Exploring the legacy of the Black Panther Party in Temescal” $16,000.00
The 500 Capp Street Foundation with lead artist Marcel Pardo Ariza Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “Orquídea/Orchids” $16,000.00
Chinatown Community Development Center Inc. with lead artists Francis Wong, Lenora Lee and Ilaria Salvadori Arts Open Spaces Program 2020 “And the Community Will Rise” $167,500.00
Dancers Group with lead artists Amara Tabor-Smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang Arts Open Spaces Program 2020 “The New Chitlin Circuitry: Reparations Vaudeville” $182,500.00
Destiny Arts Center with lead artists Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Brett Cook, and Sarah Crowell Arts Open Spaces Program 2020 “THE BLACK (W)HOLE” $79,500.00
Mujeres Uniday y Activas with lead artists José Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama Arts Open Spaces Program 2020 “Y BASTA YA!” 107500
Creativity Explored and lead artist Ana Teresa Fernandez Arts Open Spaces Program 2019 “Colorín Colorado San Francisco” $70,000.00
Kala Art Institute, the Golden Gate Library and lead artist Sue Mark Arts Open Spaces Program 2019 “Commons Archive” $140,000.00
The Filipino-American Development Foundation, Kularts and lead artist Alleluia Panis Arts Open Spaces Program 2019 “Lakbai Diwa, Diasporic Spirit” $150,140.00
The National Park Service, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and lead artist Gregory Sale Arts Open Spaces Program 2019 “Future IDs at Alcatraz” $137,580.00
The Spanish-Speaking Unity Council of Alameda County, Oakland Public Library with lead artists Sergio de la Torre and the Collective Action Studio’s Justin Hoover and Chris Treggiari Arts Open Spaces Program 2019 “Heroes of Unity” $127,300.00
Galería de la Raza, curator Alexandra “Lexx” Valdez and artist-in-residence Jessica Sabogal Arts Open Spaces Program 2018 “ARTruck Residencies” $134,000.00
A site specific dance in Bayview-Hunter’s Point where three dancers are on top of a roof and one dancer is dancing on a wooden block with a briefcase.


Our Arts Program funds dance, film, public space and theater projects that highlight important issues facing our society and local communities.

A young Black girl smiling while she looks down at an open book, reading.


Our Education Program supports schools and community-based organizations that help Oakland’s children develop literacy and social emotional skills.

A female scientist in the lab looking into a microscope.


Our Health Program invests early in novel approaches and collaborations to advance Inflammatory Bowel Disease research.