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This video shows how Melvin Tamoro, a tutor in our SEEDS of Learning program, works closely with students through one-on-one and small group instruction and helps children love learning and gain key skills.

SEEDS of Learning is an evidence based professional development program that prepares educators and parents to help children develop the social, emotional, language and literacy skills they need to be ready for kindergarten. We know that meaningful relationships with adults are inherently linked to a child’s social and emotional development. This program provides teachers and families with strategies to provide those meaningful interactions and help young children develop these important skills.


SEEDS of Learning Focus

SEEDS is an acronym for the five tenets of the program, which give children the quality interactions they need from teachers to be confident and capable learners.

  • Sensitivity: Nurturing a safe and trusting adult-child relationship by maintaining awareness of children’s actions, abilities, thoughts and feelings, and responding appropriately to meet their emotional, physical, and academic needs.
  • Encouragement: Providing support that inspires confidence, courage and the will to continue learning, so that children believe they are capable and lovable, and that the adult respects them and their abilities.
  • Education: Giving explicit and embedded education to key predictive skills in the “Big 5” early literacy area: vocabulary and meaning, alphabetic knowledge, book and print rules, phonological awareness and memory , and conversation, comprehension and oral language.
  • Development through Doing: Helping children explore their world through a multi-sensory approach and hands-on learning. Actively engaged children are more likely to enjoy learning and continue on the road toward language and literacy.
  • Self-Image Support: Using high quality interactions that support children to feel respected and capable.
“It was rewarding to take the teaching strategies I learned from the SEEDS trainings back to my classroom and see the change in my students’ learning. We are teaching something new…and I wish more kids could experience this wonderful program.”– Toinette (Toni) Richardson, Teacher, YMCA of the East Bay

SEEDS Builds the “Big 5” Early Literacy Skills

SEEDSBig5Predictors_IlloThe Rainin Foundation is committed to helping Oakland children develop the “Big 5” early literacy skills that are most predictive of kindergarten readiness and later school success, including:

  • Oral Language, Conversation and Comprehension
  • Phonological Memory and Awareness
  • Book and Print Concepts
  • Alphabetic Knowledge
  • Vocabulary and Meaning

SEEDS of Learning provides teachers and families with fun and meaningful ways to develop and build these skills in daily routines, and help children become enthusiastic and curious learners.

SEEDS of Learning Helps Children Become School Ready


Watch “SEEDS of Learning: All Kids Reading by Grade 3” and learn more about how this professional development program is helping children become school ready.

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