Researchers present work at our Innovations Symposium

Supporting Cutting-Edge Scientific Discoveries

At the Rainin Foundation, we support novel, high-risk research and challenge investigators to push boundaries. The beginning of an idea is particularly exciting because it’s where we can make the greatest impact.

Our unique funding approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research could lead to new, transformative discoveries for IBD and other chronic diseases. Our investments enable researchers to test ideas and gather data to advance the understanding of IBD. Beyond funding, we recognize the importance of dialogue and facilitate collaboration among innovative researchers to enhance discoveries. Our flexibility as a funder allows us to provide support when there are obstacles and questions, and opportunities for scientific advancements.

Health Funding Snapshot. Click to enlarge.

Health Funding Snapshot. Click to enlarge.

Big Risk, Big Reward

IBD research is challenging due to the complex nature of the disease. Supporting new and seasoned researchers alike and embracing novel ideas gives us the best chance of discovering breakthroughs in IBD research. We are energized and inspired by that prospect.

Our three core funding programs that support groundbreaking IBD research include:

Beyond Funding

We complement our funding of ground-breaking scientific research with our commitment to fueling collaborations and partnerships. Providing researchers with a platform to collaborate and draw inspiration from each other moves IBD research forward. When innovative thinkers come together, novel ideas gain traction.

Our annual Innovations Symposium brings together scientific leaders, researchers, trainees and clinicians from around the world to promote cutting-edge and creative thinking about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The Symposium includes numerous networking opportunities and is designed to encourage dialogue and build bridges that enhance IBD research.

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