Rainin PipetteThe Foundation believes that partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations can have the greatest impact in research. We support remarkable, groundbreaking ideas and take risks to find solutions to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). To accomplish our mission of advancing research and curing IBD, we focus our funding in health on three core initiatives.

The Innovator Awards Program for IBD research provides $100,000 grants for a one-year proof of concept research project. To attract innovative researchers and encourage collaboration, this program is open to all scientific disciplines from any non-profit research institution worldwide.

The Breakthrough Awards Program provides long-term support to existing Rainin Foundation Innovator Awards recipients who have demonstrated significant progress towards their goals.

The Synergy Award Program supports discovery-oriented projects featuring interdisciplinary collaboration. This award provides $100,000 in research support for one year to each investigator on the team, up to a total of $300,000. To be considered for a Synergy Award, one or more of the researchers from the team must  attend the Rainin Foundation’s Innovations Symposium in the year of their application.

The annual Innovations Symposium brings together leading authorities in a variety of fields to promote scientific dialogue and foster interdisciplinary efforts to understand and ultimately cure IBD.

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors on health research grants.

Please direct questions about the Innovator Awards to Health Program Staff.

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