Above: Dr. Gwendalyn Randolph is a pioneering researcher whose cutting-edge instincts led to a novel technique to peer more deeply into the working of Crohn’s disease—a mysterious, debilitating intestinal condition affecting 700,000 people in the US.

In a single moment, the world can change—for a student and teacher, an audience captivated by a dance performance, or a researcher opening a new window into a mysterious disease.

These are Breakthrough Moments. They are stories of discovery and illumination that provide inspiration to the Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s commitment to taking smart risks in our grantmaking in the Arts, Education and Health. We’re capturing a few of these breakthroughs in this video series to document and highlight the groundbreaking work of Rainin Foundation grantees and the lives they change—sometimes in the space of a single moment.

We invite you to watch our first video and see Dr. Gwen Randolph’s breakthrough for yourself.