Fall 2016

detour dance's "Beckon". Photo by Robbie Sweeny.

detour dance’s “Beckon”. Photo by Robbie Sweeny.

  • African and African American Performing Arts Coalition ($18,500) for Soul to Soul: An Artistic Response to Baldwin and Coates, a collaborative work inspired by these two authors which seeks to illuminate contemporary social justice issues of race and cultural inequity.
  • Art of the Matter Performance Foundation ($16,000) for TIME’S ARROW, a three part full-length production including LINE OF BEAUTY, for the TIME BEING, and a new untitled work, about the family we choose.
  • Dance Brigade ($15,000) for Gracias a la Vida, a new dance theater work that explores the intersection of social movements and the protest music, dance, and poetry that moved across the Americas and found a particular voice in San Francisco’s Mission District.
  • detour dance ($7,500) for FUGUE, a site-specific immersive performance in the streets and buildings of San Francisco’s Mission District. FUGUE is a foray into cultural amnesia and nostalgia, featuring forgotten stories from the queer community, people of color, and long-time San Francisco residents.
  • Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater ($20,000) for Last Blue Couch in the Sky, a new site-specific outdoor and indoor traveling dance journey, celebrating Epiphany Productions’ 20th Anniversary. The new work will acknowledge the transformation taking place in San Francisco, with displacement and rejuvenation occurring side by side and profoundly altering the city.
  • Eye Zen Presents ($20,000) OUT of Site is a queer history performance walking tour unearthing and elevating San Francisco’s LGBTQ community. The work will feature dance, theater, drag, poetry, and live music while sharing the stories of San Francisco’s unsung queer ancestors.
  • FACT/SF ($20,000) for Platform, a contemporary dance duet choreographed and performed by Liane Burns and Charles Slender-White to the entirety of Holly Herndon’s album of the same name. Platform will investigate ideas of homogeneity, social media echo-chambers, individuality, and extreme unison.
  • foolsFURY Theater ($20,000) for GROUP: solo, a project utilizing truly collaborative approaches to make solo performances. Over a 12-month period, three core members of foolsFURY (Debórah Eliezer, Michelle Haner, and Brian Livingston) will jointly develop one solo performance piece for each artist.
  • la ALTERNATIVA ($20,000) for FRESH, an annual festival of experimental dance and performance in San Francisco that celebrates the abundance of embodied art, action and interaction in the Bay Area over the course of three weeks of performances, practices and exchanges.
  • Mixed Bag Productions ($20,000) for ECHO, an evening-length dance piece choreographed and directed by Sara Shelton Mann with music and soundscape by composer Pamela Z. ECHO is a site-specific work that will use the three studios in Dance Mission and the 24th Street BART Plaza opposite the theater to engage audiences in an experience of active viewing and listening.
  • Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique ($15,000) for Delicate Material, a new work which uses drag and movement to expose the performativity of gender, while challenging and confronting archetypal constructions of womanhood.
  • ODC/Dance ($10,000) for Blink of an Eye, a collaboration between ODC/Dance and the San Francisco choral group Volti. Taking place at Grace Cathedral, Blink of an Eye is a site-specific performance which will explore the concept of pilgrimage.
  • Paufve | dance ($8,000) for XO, an evening-length work composed of two, large-scale projects, XY and XX that feature Randee Paufve’s collaborations with male choreographers and a series of solos created alongside female artists, examining violence against women and female empowerment.
  • Risa Jaroslow & Dancers ($20,000) for Dancing with Basses (working title), a collaboration between choreographer Risa Jaroslow and composer/bassist Lisa Mezzacappa, in which musicians and dancers are all integrated into the choreography.
  • Yerba Buena Arts & Events ($20,000) for the 2017 Yerba Buena Gardens ChoreoFest, a new three day dance festival in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens. Curated by Wendy Rein and Ryan T. Smith (RAWdance), it will showcase nine site-specific works by wide-ranging voices in the local contemporary dance field.

Spring 2016

Ubuntu Theater Project's "XXX". Photo credit: Jim Carmody.

Ubuntu Theater Project’s “Fool for Love”. Photo credit: Jim Carmody.

  • Alternative Theater Ensemble ($20,000) for AlterLab Playwright Residency Program, a year long playwright residency and the premiere of Star Finch’s BONDAGE (working title), developed in the AlterLab 2015 residency.
  • Berkeley Repertory Theatre ($10,000) for The Ground Floor, Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s center for the creation and development of new work. The Ground Floor encompasses all of the theatre’s new play development activities, including commissions, workshops, readings, and the intensive Summer Residency Lab.
  • Circo Zero ($20,000) for future friend/ships, an interdisciplinary performance by Keith Hennessy and Jassem Hindi, working in the expanded fields of choreography, performance, field recordings, music, and ritual. Trying and failing to better understand the wars in Syria, the work is about the politics of friendship and hospitality.
  • Crowded Fire Theater Company ($20,000) for the development and world premiere of a new play by Christopher Chen, BURN THE BOATS, BOIL THE OCEAN (working title). This modern day fable is born from a deep concern over the ever-increasing power of corporate personhood in present day capitalism.
  • Dohee Lee Puri Arts ($20,000) for ARA: Waterways Time Weaves, a ritual performance featuring Korean dance, contemporary dance, music with acoustic and electronic elements, video projections, and community participation. ARA will develop over the course of 2 years, through monthly community workshops with 100 multi-generational immigrant women from 11 Asian backgrounds, in collaboration with Community Health for Asian Americans in Oakland.
  • Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater ($10,000) for San Francisco Trolley Dances 2016, an admission free site-specific dance festival and educational program. Bay Area choreographers will perform at 6-7 sites, and tour guides will ensure a safe journey for festival viewers along the MUNI Metro Train from Castro to Montgomery Station.
  • Eugenie Chan Theater Projects ($5,000) for Madame Ho, an experimental drama inspired by the life of the playwright’s great grandmother, about a madam and single mother who tries to raise her daughter right, amidst the struggles of her Barbary Coast Chinatown brothel. The play is a survival tale and will be available in English, with Chinese narration; accessible in either language.
  • Loco Bloco ($10,000) for On The Hill, a docu-theater production under the direction of Paul Flores that tells the story of the impact that the death of Alex Nieto (28) at the hands of the SFPD has had on Latino and African-American residents of San Francisco neighborhoods that are currently being gentrified.
  • Magic Theatre Inc ($20,000) for the world premiere Grandeur, a new play by Han Ong about the late “bluesologist” Gil Scott-Heron.
  • New Conservatory Theatre Center ($20,000) for the world premiere of Leaving the Blues,  a new play by artist and community activist Jewelle Gomez about the life of Black lesbian singer/songwriter Alberta Hunter.
  • Post:Ballet ($15,000) for Do Be, the final, full-evening collaboration between Post:Ballet and SF-based guitar/percussion duo The Living Earth Show. Integrating original scores by composers Chris Cerrone, Jacob Cooper, Anna Meredith, Nicole Lizée, and Jonathan Pfeffer, Do Be weaves together themes of intimacy, community, individuality, and transcendence through six unique perspectives.
  • SOMArts ($15,000) for Global Street Dance Masquerade, which re-awakens and pays homage to the ancient tradition of the African Diaspora’s dance masquerade through deeply collaborative, socially conscious performances in inner-city environments that will focus on Black Lives Matter & LGBTQIQ issues.
  • The Custom Made Theatre Co., Inc. ($20,000) for the rolling world premiere of Steve Yockey’s The Thrush & The Woodpecker featuring some of San Francisco’s strongest women theatre artists.
  • Ubuntu Theater Project ($5,000) for Hurt Village, a play by Katori Hall and directed by Nataki Garrett. This play brings to life a complex family drama that shares the heartbreaking story of displacement, gentrification, and the price we pay.
  • Youth Speaks ($20,000) for Banneker Home, a new work with residents of San Francisco’s Western Addition Banneker Homes Housing Project, which will shed light on the untold stories of the city’s diminishing African American residents. The project will culminate in a site-specific performance and community celebration.
  • Zaccho Dance Theatre ($20,000) for Point of Embarkation, a new site specific aerial dance work by Joanna Haigood to be performed at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture during the 2nd San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival in August 2016. The performance will honor war veterans, appealing to military families, historians and dance enthusiasts.