inkBoat’s “95 Rituals”, part of Dancers’ Group’s ONSITE Series. Photo credit: Pak Han

Shaping a Vibrant Arts Community

The Rainin Foundation understands that a healthy arts ecosystem is not only about having robust institutions; it’s also about building stronger small and mid-size organizations and developing opportunities for independent artists.

We support artists and arts organizations to realize their creative visions. Through meaningful collaborations and open, honest relationships with our grantees, we listen to what they need and work toward removing barriers that keep the arts from thriving—lack of funding, physical space, and freedom to create. By doing so, we help shape an inspirational arts community rich in originality, experimentation, and collaboration.

Championing Visionaries in the Arts


Our Arts Strategy Snapshot, the latest tool we’ve developed to communicate our work. Click the image to enlarge.

The Bay Area is known for its vibrant arts culture. Yet many artists and organizations struggle to get the funding they need to keep arts in the Bay Area thriving. Independent artists and small and mid-size arts organizations especially need a champion to support them through successes and challenges.

At the Rainin Foundation, we see visionary artists and arts organizations as vital contributors to our local communities. We support rigorous work and encourage experimentation that boldly moves the field forward.

Our core grantmaking programs include:

The Rainin Foundation further supports artists through a partnership with SFFILM. Learn more about SFFILM / Rainin Filmmaking Grants.

Creating a Home for Art

The burdens of escalating rents and dwindling resources are barriers to the creativity that has shaped the Bay Area into the arts epicenter we love. Artists and small to mid-size arts organizations struggle to afford to be here. With spaces that allow imagination to flourish, our communities can remain vibrant.

The Rainin Foundation supports a dynamic, evolving environment that fuels artistic endeavors by investing in spaces, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives like the Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST), and ensuring artists and arts organizations always have a home in the Bay Area.

Through this work, we collaborated with our partners to develop a replicable model—the Rainin Arts Real Estate Strategy—to help arts and culture organizations secure permanent, affordable space.

Championing Arts in the Bay Area

Explore how we’re supporting visionary artists and small to mid-size arts organizations in the Bay Area.