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New Tool to Inspire Collaboration in Research

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation has launched an online resource to inspire collaboration in research related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This website provides an overview of the Foundation’s growing Health portfolio, including research areas, scientists we support, and our long-term vision.

Laura Wilson, PhD, Rainin Foundation Director of Health Strategy and Ventures, said “IBD is a complex disease. We believe that increased synergy across fields can lead to transformational progress in research, bringing science closer to the patient. This resource aims to facilitate partnerships by sharing information broadly. We also hope that this tool will encourage the participation of potential funders and partners.”

Collaboration in Research, Kenneth Rainin Foundation

The Rainin Foundation’s new online resource to inspire collaboration in research related to IBD

Through this website, you can:

  • See what Rainin Foundation health grantees are testing and learning
  • Understand funded research areas and approaches
  • Connect with fellow investigators to nurture discoveries
  • Learn about the Foundation’s future funding directions

Wilson adds, “As our Health portfolio expands, we are experimenting with new ways to uncover scientific discoveries that will help patients. This means connecting researchers and physicians to fast track the idea of a world without IBD.”

Explore the site and see how your work could fit into the Rainin Foundation’s vision for preventing, predicting and eventually curing IBD.

Together, we can solve IBD.

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