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Rainin Foundation Awards Over $1.4 Million in Education Grants

Above: SEEDS of Learning teachers and tutors in Oakland.

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation awarded more than $1.4 million in education grants in May to five organizations that are dedicated to unlocking potential in Oakland’s youngest learners.

The Rainin Foundation believes every Oakland child should enter kindergarten ready to learn and read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. We know that children learn through relationships, which is why the Foundation invests significantly in supporting the adults who love and teach them most.

“We are focused on helping Oakland children develop the language, literacy and social-emotional skills and enthusiasm to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond,” said Susan True, Director of Education Strategy & Ventures at the Rainin Foundation. “We are honored to continue deepening our partnerships and investing in families, teachers, and community members to deliver the best possible early childhood experiences.”

Preparing Oakland Children for Kindergarten and Beyond

Community Based Organization and School Grants

Aspire Public Schools ($83,115) to support  SEEDS of Learning for transitional kindergarten (TK) and TK/kindergarten combo classrooms, at five Aspire Public Schools. SEEDS is an evidence-based, eight month professional development program for teachers that includes materials, classroom tutor resources and ongoing coaching support.

Springboard Collaborative leads a five-week summer school program with daily reading instruction for nearly 1,300 kindergarten to fourth grade students. Photo credit: Ana Homonnay

Education for Change ($926,179) for five Education for Change elementary schools to support improving core instruction and literacy supports for 900 transitional kindergartners to first grade students and their teachers. Funding includes: transitional kindergarten to first grade focused literacy coaches, tutor resources and a facilitated monthly professional learning community for site leaders and teachers to support data analysis and application of evidence-based literacy practices that help children secure the skills they need to be on track for reading success.

Roses in Concrete Community School ($98,908) to fund a second year of a teacher development and assessment system project that triangulates: 1. community-specific “Indicators of Impact,” 2. teacher effectiveness, and 3. classic academic indicators (CA State Achievement data). Data will be used to design teacher growth plans and to measure the impacts of teacher development on teacher performance and student outcomes.

Springboard Collaborative—Summer ($275,000) for a 5-week summer school program with daily reading instruction for 1,290 rising kindergarten to fourth grade students from 11 district and charter schools. The program includes weekly workshops that train parents to teach reading at home, teacher professional development and coaching, and home visits.

Tandem ($75,000) for the StoryCycles take home book bag program, to provide access to books for 198 transitional kindergarten and preschool classrooms and over 3,600 children and their families.

Learn more about our Education grantmaking.

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