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Rainin Foundation Awards over $700,000 in Education Grants

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation awarded $750,000 in grants in May to four organizations and schools that are bringing proven programs and testing creative ideas to ensure that Oakland children are ready for school and reading successfully by third grade.

“Our investments help children become enthusiastic and skillful learners. Our spring grants reflect our priority to fund evidence-based approaches and to invest in the adults who love and teach children, so that every Oakland child can be on the path to success,” said Susan True, Director of Education Strategy and Ventures at the Rainin Foundation. “Our committed partners are thinking creatively and delivering innovative programs to foster a lifelong love of learning in Oakland’s youngest learners.”

The Foundation works closely with community organizations and Oakland schools to increase access to and support for early literacy and language experiences for children from birth to 8 years old.

Community Based Organizations & School Grants

Approved grants include:

Literacy Lab ($275,343) for Literacy Lab’s Digital4Literacy program, including eReaders, parent/caregiver workshops and evaluation, at Oakland school sites. Funding will also support a collaborative project with ideas42 to develop ways of maximizing parent and caregiver engagement in Literacy Lab’s Digital4Literacy program.

Roses in Concrete Community School ($101,462) for a project to develop system that supports teachers to implement and tracks often ignored early indicators of social and academic engagement. Roses in Concrete is a new school that is committed to boosting student achievement outcomes and the esteem, relationships, self-discipline and cultural identity of its students. The new professional development and data system will be used to design teacher growth plans and measure the impacts of teacher development on community-specific “Indicators of Impact,” teacher effectiveness, and classic academic indicators.

Springboard Summer Collaborative ($300,000) for a five-week summer school program with daily reading instruction for 1,740 rising K-4 students at 18 district and charter schools. The program includes weekly workshops to train parents to teach reading at home, teacher professional development and coaching, and home visits.

Tandem ($75,000) to provide take home book program for 218 classrooms and over 4,000 children and families. Funding will also support early literacy trainings and resources for teachers, community based organizations and families.

Learn about our previous grant recipients here.

Top Photo: Photo courtesy of Tandem

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