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Oakland, We Love You [VIDEO]

Sarah O'Neal mid-sentence of her spoken word piece with both hands out as if she's about to play the piano. A colorful mural is in the background. Still image of spoken word artist Sarah O’Neal. Photo credit: Jamie DeWolf

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re putting hand over heart to express love for our hometown. This video is a tribute to Oakland and why it touches us.

Spoken word artist Sarah O’Neal and filmmaker Jamie DeWolf beautifully capture our city’s diversity and rich culture. Let Sarah’s poetry and performance take you on a journey to every corner of Oakland, where vibrant neighborhoods are filled with artists, activists, children, parents, teachers, musicians and community leaders.

The video was produced for the 2017 Grantmakers in the Arts conference in Detroit to announce that the 2018 conference would take place in Oakland. Video credit: Jamie DeWolf

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Thank you, Oakland, for welcoming us every day and inspiring us with your creativity, perseverance and generosity. You are home to the Rainin Foundation and many of our Arts and Education grantees. We are committed to seeding bright futures for your children and supporting the visionary artists and arts and culture organizations that are shaping the city’s tomorrow.

With all our love,
The Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The video was produced for the 2017 Grantmakers in the Arts conference in Detroit to announce that this year’s conference will take place October 21-24, 2018 in Oakland.

Thank you to spoken word artist Sarah O’Neal, film director Jamie DeWolf, video editor Adam Parmalee and assistant director Asher Kennedy for creating this video. We’re grateful to the many organizations and people who provided imagery for this video, including:  Alena Musuem, American Steel Studios, Attitudinal Healing Connection and the Oakland Mural ProjectBandaloopCalifornia Arts CouncilCity of OaklandCommunity Rejuvenation Project for Universal Language and AfrikaTown murals, Deep Waters Dance Theater & Amara Tabor SmithDestiny Arts CenterEastside Arts AllianceFantastic NegritoLaney CollegeOmi Gallery for “Our Container for Collective Artivism,” Oakland First FridaysOakland MetroPeople’s Kitchen CollectiveThe Unity Council for the Dia de Los Muertos Festival, Tourettes Without RegretsVisit Oakland and Youth Speaks for Life is Living. And a special thank you to the artists and communities for the murals we included from these locations: 250 – 14th Street, 1611 – 17th Street, 17th & Peralta Streets, 26th & Willow Streets, 970 Grace Avenue, 1960 Mandela Parkway, 1537 Webster Street, and 1629 Webster Street.