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Jen Rainin Is Mixing Things Up

The first page of the Lifestyles Magazine profile on Jen Rainin. Text reads: "A Foundation For Change: Jennifer Rainin is making a difference by mixing things up. Written by Nancy A. Ruhling."

Kenneth Rainin Foundation CEO, Jen Rainin, was profiled in the latest issue of Lifestyles Magazine. In the article, Jen reflects on her father and his philanthropy, the start of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and her views on risk-taking, along with the legacy she’s building.

“In the conservative world of conventional philanthropy, where money is given in expectation of staid and safe outcomes, Jennifer Rainin is striving to shake things up. She has this startling idea, you see, that philanthropy is not about making or retaining money—it’s about learning from your mistakes, as well as your successes, so you can make a big difference.”

“It is incumbent on philanthropists to take smart risks. If it’s a success, that’s good, but not being successful is not a failure, it’s just more data; the real risk is not trying.”

Jen Rainin

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