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Showing Up With Compassion And Care

person holds a sign "reproductive rights are human rights" in a group of people

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to limit the right to obtain an abortion after nearly 50 years of protection was a devastating setback for human rights. States can now ban abortions and more restrictions are expected to follow that will make it increasingly difficult to access reproductive health care, particularly for people of color and for those in low-income communities. This ruling undoes decades of progress.

Reproductive rights are essential for gender, racial, social, economic, LGBTQ+ and disability justice. This is at its core a civil rights issue. The Kenneth Rainin Foundation is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Leaning into our values—interdependence, creativity and equity—matters now more than ever, and we know we must speak out.

While the Rainin Foundation’s grantmaking strategies are not specifically focused on reproductive justice and abortion access, we recognize the intersectionality with the issues we fund, and we feel compelled to lend our voice in solidarity with those who have dedicated themselves to these issues. This is why we are joining the Women’s Funding Network and other philanthropic organizations and individuals in using our platform to support movement building work led by the communities at the center of reproductive justice.

We are bound to one another and invested in each other’s equitable liberation. We encourage everyone to express their values at the voting booth. When we show up for each other with humility, compassion and care, we can work toward building the type of society where everybody can thrive.

 The full statement can be found on the Women’s Funding Network website.