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News about the Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s grantmaking in the Arts, Education and Health as well as grantee stories.

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation shares news, what we’re learning and stories written in collaboration with our grantees and partners. Read our blogs to learn about the work of the Foundation and the incredible artists, educators and researchers we support.

A group of people smiling and waving at the camera.
Our Equity Journey

07/20/2020 | Equity + Opportunity Foundation News

Taking a look at our programmatic work—how our three grantmaking programs have already begun considering equity as it relates to their fields and what they hope to do over time.

Dr. Kate Jeffrey looking at green colored molecules rendered on a computer screen.
Mapping The Virome [VIDEO]

03/03/2020 | Health

With her lab at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Kate Jeffrey has embarked on a new frontier to research the human virome.

Two dancers
Four Artists On Creating Public Art With Impact [VIDEO]

02/11/2020 | Arts

Community-driven projects push the boundaries of public art.

Kenneth Rainin with his hand on the shoulder of a man with one eye covered with white gauze and tape.
A Decade Of Service, And Just Getting Started

01/28/2019 | Foundation News

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation celebrates our tenth anniversary of formal grantmaking in 2019.

Sarah O'Neal mid-sentence of her spoken word piece with both hands out as if she's about to play the piano. A colorful mural is in the background.
Oakland, We Love You [VIDEO]

02/08/2018 | Arts

Spoken word artist Sarah O’Neal and filmmaker Jamie DeWolf beautifully capture our city’s diversity and rich culture.

A young child raises both fists in the air with an excited expression on his face as he begins understanding how to write.
A Breakthrough Moment in Early Childhood Education [VIDEO]

09/07/2017 | Education

Melvin Tamoro, a tutor in our SEEDS of Learning program, is an expert at getting kids at East Oakland’s Sankofa Academy excited to learn.

Two aerial dancers wearing red and hanging from a rope on the side of a white building.
A Dancer’s Daring Breakthrough [VIDEO]

04/19/2017 | Arts

This Breakthrough Moments video features Jo Kreiter, an award-winning choreographer, dance artist and social activist.

Close up of Dr. Gwendalyn Randolph holding up two vials of liquid in her lab.
A Researcher’s Breakthrough Moment [VIDEO]

02/09/2017 | Health

Dr. Gwendalyn Randolph’s cutting-edge instincts led to a novel technique that makes human tissue look like glass, and she combined this with advanced 3-D imaging to peer more deeply into the workings of Crohn’s disease.

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