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Ignite! Reading will provide one-on-one Tier 3 literacy intervention to two hundred students across five school sites from October through December as part of Oakland Unified School District’s strategic goal and Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation’s funding strategy. In January, Eat. Learn. Play. will fund the continuation of Tier 3 tutoring for six hundred OUSD students […]

To provide continued coordination and logistic support for the Oakland Early Learning Symposium, a city-wide collaborative effort. The Symposium offers formal and informal early childhood educators and providers the opportunity for professional development that is unified, evidence-based and responsive.

A comedic theatrical drama that brings the multiplicity of socio-cultural and social justice issues to the forefront regarding fentanyl’s besiegement of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a script based on psychiatrist William H. Grier’s 1968 book, “Black Rage,” the piece aims to increase public awareness while giving voice to Black artists to present their […]

A fan letter to the poet nun of Mexico whose prolific work as a scholar, poet and playwright in the 17th century garnered her both recognition and censorship. This original bilingual (Spanish/English) script seeks to amplify unrepresented voices and foster dialogue around themes of censorship, identity, body autonomy and whose voices are permitted to center […]