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Search current and former Kenneth Rainin Foundation grantees in the Arts, Education and Health to learn more about what we fund.

Grantee Giving Area Program Grant Year Project Title Amount  
University of California, San Diego Health Innovator Awards 2023 Microbial modulation of gut B cells during homeostasis and colitis. $150,000
University of California, San Francisco Health Innovator Awards 2023 Colonic epithelial injury in response to inflammatory fibroblast and mononuclear phagocyte activation. $150,000
University of Massachusetts Health Innovator Awards 2023 HOXA11os, an IBD associated lncRNA that maintains tissue homsostasis and restrains inflammation. $150,000
University of Michigan Health Innovator Awards 2023 Optimizing dietary protein derived isobutyrate to suppress inflammation. $100,000
University of Oxford Health Innovator Awards 2023 Mechanism of adipocyte autophagy in controlling anti-inflammatory response to intestinal inflammation. $75,000
University of Pennsylvania Health Innovator Awards 2023 Understanding the impact of psychological stress on IBD severity. $150,000
University of Pittsburgh Health Innovator Awards 2023 Explore the immunomodulatory consequences of protist-derived metabolites in IBD. $150,000
University of Pittsburgh Health Innovator Awards 2023 Development of a rapid, flexible and quantitative method for measuring the intestinal microbiota in IBD patients. $125,000
University of Pittsburgh Health Innovator Awards 2023 Consequences of early life host-microbial mutualism on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. $150,000
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Health Innovator Awards 2023 Vanishing act: the disappearance of cell death brakes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. $150,000
Washington University Health Innovator Awards 2023 How intraepithelial TCRgd T cell subsets maintain intestinal homeostasis. $100,000
Weill Cornell Medicine Health Innovator Awards 2023 Investigating molecular mechanisms behind gut bacterial transamination and IBD. $100,000
Weizmann Institute of Science Health Innovator Awards 2023 Antibody biomarker discovery in 500 IBD patients using a novel high throughput assay against 344,000 microbiome antigens. $75,000
Yale University Health Innovator Awards 2023 Hidden microbiome transformations during gut inflammation. $75,000
Yale University Health Innovator Awards 2023 Novel mechanisms of inflammation regulation elucidated by monogenic IBD. $75,000
3Ls Academy Education Teaching and Learning 2022 Business Development and Collaboration $25,000.00
Acción Latina Arts NEW Program 2022 “Somos Esenciales / We Are Essential” $24,000.00
Afro Urban Society with lead artists Nkeiruka Oruche, Muisi-Kongo Malonga, Levi Allen, and Reggie Edmonds/Rich Oak Arts Open Spaces Program 2022 “One Thing About Us? We Move!” $76,000.00 Arts Special Initiatives (Opportunity Fund) 2022 General operating support $20,000
ARTogether Arts NEW Program 2022 “A Deepest Blue” $24,000.00
A site specific dance in Bayview-Hunter’s Point where three dancers are on top of a roof and one dancer is dancing on a wooden block with a briefcase.


Our Arts Program funds dance, film, public space and theater projects that highlight important issues facing our society and local communities.

A young Black girl smiling while she looks down at an open book, reading.


Our Education Program supports schools and community-based organizations that help Oakland’s children develop literacy and social emotional skills.

A female scientist in the lab looking into a microscope.


Our Health Program invests early in novel approaches and collaborations to advance Inflammatory Bowel Disease research.