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Search current and former Kenneth Rainin Foundation grantees in the Arts, Education and Health to learn more about what we fund.

Grantee Giving Area Program Grant Year Project Title Amount  
Lighthouse Community Public Schools Education Teaching and Learning 2023 Design a Teacher Pathway & Braid Funding Streams $100,000
Lotus Bloom Education Family and Community Support 2023 Family Resource Center $85,000
Magic Theatre Arts NEW Program 2023 “GARUDA’S WING” $30,000
Marigold Project Inc. Arts NEW Program 2023 “SKATEBOARDING THROUGH BARDOS” $30,000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Health Innovator Awards 2023 Understanding the role of lysosomal autophagy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. $175,000
Mayo Clinic Health Innovator Awards 2023 Metabolism controls CD4 T helper cell-induced pathogenicity during Inflammatory Bowel Disease. $100,000
Medical University of South Carolina Health Innovator Awards 2023 A Randomized Crossover Trial of Bright Light Therapy in Crohn’s Disease on Intestinal Barrier Homeostasis. $100,000
melissa dorothy lewis wong [the sardine] Arts NEW Program 2023 “花和霧 flowers and fog / joy is here” (working title) $15,000
Mindful Life Project Education Teaching and Learning 2023 Mindfulness for East Oakland Schools $45,000
Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater (NAKA) Arts NEW Program 2023 “Dismantling Tactic X” $30,000
Oakland Literacy Coalition Education Strategic Networks 2023 Supporting Oakland Literacy Coalition’s Four Strategies for Impact $200,000
Oakland Public Library Education Family and Community Support 2023 Children’s Literacy Programming Fund $60,000
Oakland Starting Smart and Strong Education Strategic Networks 2023 Oakland Early Learning Symposium support. $60,000.00
Oakland Unified School District Education Teaching & Learning 2023 23-25 Structured Literacy Initiative: K-2 Coaching in OUSD’s Central Office. $264,156.00
Oaklash Arts NEW Program 2023 “Rebirth” $20,000
Reading Partners Education Teaching and Learning 2023 Individualized Literacy Support $40,000
REYES Dance Arts NEW Program 2023 “¡Ay Dios Mio!” $15,000
Rhodessa Jones/The Medea Project Arts NEW Program 2023 “What Do You Remember?” $30,000
Risa Jaroslow & Dancers Arts NEW Program 2023 “Unstill Life” $30,000
San Francisco Recovery Theatre Arts NEW Program 2023 “Differentiated Masses: Shouts from the Fentaloin” $30,000
A site specific dance in Bayview-Hunter’s Point where three dancers are on top of a roof and one dancer is dancing on a wooden block with a briefcase.


Our Arts Program funds dance, film, public space and theater projects that highlight important issues facing our society and local communities.

A young Black girl smiling while she looks down at an open book, reading.


Our Education Program supports schools and community-based organizations that help Oakland’s children develop literacy and social emotional skills.

A female scientist in the lab looking into a microscope.


Our Health Program invests early in novel approaches and collaborations to advance Inflammatory Bowel Disease research.